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Caroline, 20, USA. TV is my life, my love, my destiny. This blog is dedicated to all my obsessions, past, present, and future. Especially Supernatural. I also love movies, music, and basically anything pop culture. Fandom is what I do. Shipping is an art form. And Dan is not Gossip Girl. He might as well be A.



GUYS. #WelcomeToNewYork will be up on iTunes any minute now. This is not a drill!! GO GO GO

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"In the beginning I was just gonna do all of this, by myself. And now with you… I rely on you.”
"When I’m out there helping people, making a difference? You’re all out there with me.”

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*oitnb theme song plays* *runs 3 miles* *takes 2 hour nap* *goes out to dinner* *comes back and takes a shower* *episode starts*

you’ve got time

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